It is there passion to create new concepts that will entertain players, and they belief that in doing so they will continue to share the fun of there creations with operators and players alike. There team build for the future, while utilise the strength of there past. They work to create superior gaming experience looking at all the new technological advances that can help to make a game great, but not forget that a game needs a soul if it is to ever become legendary. They work tirelessly with there partners to deploy all the new functionality there is to offer, and there distribution coverage is aided by years of growth generated by there older sister brand 1X2gaming.

Game Name
RTP in %
Max. Win (x Bet)
Rock the Reels Megaways96.7050000
1 Million Megaways BC96.245000
Pirate Kingdom MegaWays96.2040000
Christmas - Branded Megaways96.2040000
Megaways Jack96.225000
Santa’s Big Bash Megaways96.0425000
Astro Newts Megaways95.920000
Dwarven Gems Megaways96.7020000
Rainbow Wilds Megaways95.8212000
Barbarian Gold96.3010000
Robbin Robin96.47500
Blirix Workshop96.147000
Western Wilds95.86500
Richie In Vegas96.246000
Viking Wilds96.066000
Rainbow Wilds966000
Aztec Wilds96.26000
The Curious Cabinet965000
Cherry Blast965000
Crown of Avalon965000
Dr. Jekyll & Mr. Hyde95.64000
Blood Queen96.064000
Si Xiang963000
Neon Jungle96.132955
Gifts of Ostara96.72562
Treasure of Horus95.932562
Moirai Blaze962000
Siren's Kingdom96.181000
Cosmic Crystals95.01349

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