Just For The Win is a software development company that creates great gaming content with a focus on video slots for mobile and desktop in the free to play and online gambling market.

Just For The Win was established in 2016 by developers, game designers and professionals who are some of the most, creative, inspirational and professional in their fields. They create great games that aims to shape the content players play online.

There players play there games for the same reason they design them: Just For The Win.


There passion for playing, building and designing games drives them and there content. They strive to be a leader in the online video slot market, there goal is to create great games that inspire and shape the content players play online.

Every game is an opportunity to explore new ways of creating out of the box solutions. Creativity is the core of what they do, they strive to create the most interesting game content on the market with creative solutions in art, math and mechanics.

The player is there priority, they listen to feedback and take the market needs into account while creating new game experiences. There dedicated teams deliver games that performs across all markets, with a strong marketing support for there customers.

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