Road Rage | Nolimit City


Nolimit City is revving up with their latest release, Road Rage. Nolimit City has been partying all night with their latest release The Rave . It’s now the morning after and it’s time to head to work – and there’s chaos on the roads. Traffic, detours, and super slow grannies. Add it up and you get ROAD RAGE! Make sure you’ve had your morning coffee because this slot puts the ‘rush’ into rush hour. Road Rage by Nolimit City captures the frenzy perfectly with its comic book aesthetic. The slot is peppered with all the crazy characters that you’d typically meet on your morning commute. Anger management classes won’t help you here – you’re in for the ride of your life!

Title: Road Rage

Publisher: Nolimit City

Lines: 99-259

RTP: 96.03%

Max Win: 36000x

Release Date: 16/08/2022

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