Slotrox Introducing Casoola

Casoola was born out of a VR experiment gone… well, not exactly wrong. Rumour has it Caszilla, a ten-meter pet-Bot originally created for a VR game, took matters (and all the wiring) into his own hands. As a result, Casoola was uploaded as a real robot world, and a human VR gamer got downloaded in it too.

Caszilla is allowed free rein in this world: so besides a healthy dose of clumsy entertainment, he brings Casoola’s players a barrage of bonuses, a plethora of promotions, and endless entertainment.

Meet the shiny happy robot people.

Wiktoria who knows it all, Sgt John Tango (aka JT, The Protector), Armando and Fernando, brothers from another motherboard, and Spike, the human Bonus hunter brought into this world by Caszilla and won’t go back to his old home.

Slotrox offers you a exclusive deposit Bonus of 100% up to 300€ + 200 Freespins!

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